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56680. Iris Festival | The Brussels Region Festival
Skip to main content. Be on stage Brussels, born and bred! Brussels Food Truck Festival. Search activities by :. Art / Cinema / Exhibition. Be on stage Brussels, born and bred! Brussels Food Truck Festival. At the Brussels Parliament with the whole family! Brussels Hotels Pyjama’s Nights.
56681. ISANA 2016 - ISANA 2016
61 3 6231 2999. Eating Out in Wellington. Life beyond the PhD’ doctoral workshop facilitators and participants. All ISANA conference presentations are collated in an online Proceedings. Click below to view past years. The 2016 presentations will be added shortly. We will email all delegates when they are available. Thank you for attending! The theme for the 2016 conference was Evidence Based Practice in International Education Services. The use of learning analytics in understanding the needs of students.
56682. 15-я конференция ISDEF: О том, как создавать программные продукты и сервисы мирового уровня, увеличивать прибыль и пробивать стеклянные потолки
6-8 октября 2016, Холидей Инн Москва Виноградово. О том, как создавать программные продукты и сервисы мирового уровня,. Увеличивать прибыль и пробивать стеклянные потолки. 6-8 октября 2016, Холидей Инн Москва Виноградово. Реальная возможность увеличить доход от продуктов. Доступ в клуб владельцев и менеджеров IT-компаний,. Помогающих друг другу расти более 15 лет. 6-8 октября 2016, Холидей Инн Москва Виноградово. От предпринимателей-одиночек до компаний-лидеров. Все этапы и элементы IT-бизнеса:. ISDEF 20...
56683. ISIRV 2016
Why Exhibit and Support? Special Events in the Exhibit Hall. Exhibit Dates and Times. Options IX Abstract Policies. Http:/ home/public/hero 0.png. Public Health Featured Symposia: Influenza Vaccines. Friday, 26 August 2016, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM. Yohei Yamauchi, MD, PhD. See poster presentation from @OptionsIX. Seasons in EU, 2005-2016 https:/ 4 months 6 days. Additional coverage of IV #zanamivir. Phase 3 trial by @MBederka. Thank you fo...
56684. Kennel Ismenningen 2016
56685. ISPD 2016
Skip to main content. Miss the Berlin conference? Purchase presentation recordings. LEARN MORE. Credit is available LEARN MORE. Take the conference with you! Please refer to these policies as needed. Download abstracts, the poster list and more from the Downloads Page. ISPD members are eligible for discounts on conference registration. and much more. Questions about ISPD membership, activities, or this Web site: 2005 International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis.
56686. וורדקמפ ישראל 2016 – יום שני, 28 במרץ
יום שני, 28 במרץ. Schedule – לו ז. מרצים – Speakers. ערב תורמים / Contributor Workshop. הו הה מי זה בא? וורדקמפ ישראל 2016 הנפלא! וורדקמפ ישראל יתקיים ב28 במרץ, במכללת עזריאלי להנדסה. האירוע יתחיל בשעה 9:00 עד 17:00 ( סדנת Contribution. תתקיים מיד לאחר מכן למשך שעתיים.). וורדקמפ ישראל הוא הכנס השנתי והרשמי של קהילת וורדפרס בישראל. כנסי וורדקמפ נערכים בכל רחבי העולם והם מאורגנים על ידי משתמשי וורדפרס, בדיוק כמוכם. ינואר 27, 2016. פברואר 12, 2016. תודה ענקית לכל הספונסורים שלנו. Schedule – לו ז.
56687. עמוד הבית |
The 63nd Annual conference of the Israel Heart Society in association with the Israel Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery. The 63nd Annual conference of the Israel Heart Society in association with the Israel Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery David Inter-Continental Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel on April 12-13, 2016. צפו ברשימת המרצים האורחים של כנס 2016. ימים שלישי-רביעי, 12-13 באפריל, 2016, מלון דיויד אינטרקונטיננטל תל אביב. חוג הידידים של האיגוד הקדיולוגי בישראל.
56688. 2016 ISRA Worlds
Follow "israworlds" on Twitter. Join us on Facebook. Https:/ Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod. 2016 ISRA World Championships. Chicago, USA -. You can look forward to great international slot racing. So stay tuned.
56689. Istanbul Bridge Conference 2016 |
IBridge 2016 FINAL PROGRAM. Details of technical sessions. During the Istanbul Bridge Conference 2016, the expected attendance will be evenly distributed among the design engineers, construction engineers, academicians, manufacturers and students as observed in the 2014 conference that had more than 400 participants. The conference will recognize outstanding bridge engineers, with priority on students. The social events will reinforce the conferences impact on international bridge community. Bridge Maint...
56690. 2016.IT
Lasciaci un recapito e ti risponderemo prima possibile! Il tuo messaggio per noi. I tuoi dati verranno utilizzati esclusivamente per risponderti. Publinord srl - Bologna - P.I. 03072200375 - REA BO 262516.
56691. International Transport Forum’s 2016 Summit. 18-20 May 2016. Leipzig, Germany
Https:/ pIuX yIjMM. View all session resources including summary write-ups with quotes, photos, videos and documents. Tweets about #itf16 from:itf forum. Transport, Trade and Tourism (2015). International Transport Forum / OECD 2016.
56692. 2016 IEEE Information Technology,Networking,Electronic and Automation Control Conference
2016 IEEE Information Technology,Networking,Electronic and Automation Control Conference. 2016 IEEE Information Technology,Networking,Electronic and Automation Control Conference. May 20-22,2016 Chongqing,China. News: 热烈祝贺ITNEC2016全部论文已经被EI检索(收录).(2016-10-26) [详细信息]. News: 热烈祝贺ITNEC2016所有论文成功进入IEEE Xplore电子库.(2016-9-6). Brief Conference Schedule is available. Conference Schedule, Venue and Accommodation is available.(2016-4-12). 10:00- 19:00 Registration at( Chongqing Jinkaoyuan Conference Center. The ai...
56693. Os 100 do 2016 – A primeira proba de 100km en 24 horas de Galicia
Os 100 do 2016. A primeira proba de 100km en 24 horas de Galicia. Os 100 do 2016. Como chegar e aloxamento. Despois dos 100: Blogs, fotos, audios…. Nesta páxina iremos poñendo toda a información que nos chegue sobre a proba: blogs, fotos, vídeos… Se queredes facernos chegar algo que non estea, por. Tempos online – Os 100 do 2016. Os 100 do 2016. A 3ª edición dos 100 dos International Trekkers vaise celebrar o 25 de xuño de 2016, saíndo da Pobra do Caramiñal ás 17:00h. Percorrerá os. O primeiro tramo perc...
56694. IVECCS
Exhibit Hall Hours and Map. Exhibit Hall Hours and Map. 2017 IVECCS Call for. IVECCS Call for Presenters. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR IVECCS CE CERTIFICATE. IVECCS 2016 was attended by nearly 2500 Veterinarians, Technicians, Managers, and Students – A very successful symposium with a large international attendance. 1533 Veterinarians (plus MDs, RNs, PhDs, etc). Sub Total: 2,472. 71 Job Fair Representatives. Grand Total: 3,195. Multidisciplinary Review sessions - attended by 260 vets and 8 techs. Practice...
56695. TWINC 我拍我寫,新台灣
網路客服 http:/
56696. WordCamp Jacksonville 2016 | Join us on April 16 & 17, 2016
Join us on April 16 and 17, 2016. June 1, 2016. We want to give a big thank you to Beau and Daisy Moffatt of Daisy Moffatt Photography. For working hard to capture so many wonderful moments from our inaugural WordCamp Jacksonville. You can see, download, and share all the photos from our Flickr album. Continue reading Event Photos 2016. Big Thanks To Our Main Street Sponsors. April 14, 2016. WooCommerce is the fastest growing eCommerce software/platform, powering over 30% of all eCommerce stores with ove...
56697. Java Forum Stuttgart 2016 - Java für Entwickler und Entscheider :: :: Veranstalter: Java User Group Stuttgart e.V.
Zur Navigation springen (Eingabetaste drücken). Zum Hauptinhalt springen (Eingabetaste drücken). Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2016. Kultur- and Kongresszentrum Liederhalle Stuttgart. Workshop "Java für Entscheider" am 6. Juli 2016. Experten Forum Stuttgart 2016. Workshop-Tag "Java für Entscheider". Sie sind hier: Start. Der Konferenzplaner für das JFS 2016 ist online. Der Gewinner des diesjährigen "Best Presentation Award" ist Bernd Rücker. Das Vortragsranking der 10 besten Vorträge finden Sie hier. Sind im Vortr...
56698. Java2Days 2016 | Leading Event
15 - 17 November 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria. Don’t miss your chance to present at Java2Days. Extra Early Bird Registration is Now OPEN! Java2Days 2016 extra early-bird registration will open this week. Java2Days 2016 dates announced. Java2Days Slides 2015 – available for download. Patrick Curran – Chair of Java Community Process will join Java2Days. Smart glove @ Java2Days. Welcome to Viber as Official Communication Partner. Pravetz partner of Java2Days. Java based conference. Be ready! View all our speakers.
56699. JavaCRO 16 - JavaCRO 16
Kako je bilo na JavaCro16 - SLIKE. Konferencija JavaCro'16 je održana! Okupilo se preko 250 sudinika koji su od srijede do petka učili i uživali na crvenom otoku u Rovinju. Top predavači na JavaCro'16. Oracle GlassFish and Java EE Team. Pivotal Software, Inc. 4 JavaCro konferencija je održana na Crvenom otoku u Rovinju. Na konferenciji je u dva radna dana održano 47 predavanja. JavaCro se održavala na Crvenom otoku pored Rovinja. Crveni otok ima dugu povijest, a danas se na njemu nalazi Hotel Istra.
56700. JavaZone 2016
56701. Les journées du Logiciel Libre » Rencontres lyonnaises des cultures et pratiques numériques émancipées
Journées du logiciel libre. JDLL 2017 – Appel à contributions. Ecrit par Stéphanie Robert. JDLL 2017 – Les 1er et 2 avril. Société (dé)connectée, les dessous de la transparence…. Nous faisons appel à vous pour alimenter le programme avec vos projets, connaissances, expériences et engagements. Lors de ce week-end nous vous proposons d’intervenir autour du thème : « Société (dé)connectée, les dessous de la transparence… » et d’échanger sur les thématiques suivantes :. Participation : mode d’emploi. Les JDL...
56702. Not Myself Today › Se connecter
Se souvenir de moi. Mot de passe oublié? Larr; Retour sur Not Myself Today. Participants de 2015, connectez-vous ici.
56703. JetExpo 2016
Logo Jet Expo 2016. How to reach the Venue. How to reach the Venue. Floor plan Jet Expo 2016. Jet Expo Static Display Application Form. Cleaning services and waste disposal.
56704. Jetztmusik Festival | Jetztmusik Festival Mannheim
Jetztmusik Festival Mannheim 2016.
56705. 37e finale des Jeux de l'Acadie à Caraquet, N.-B. du 29 juin au 3 juillet 2016 - Bienvenue sur le site de la 37e Finale des Jeux de l'Acadie à Caraquet, N.-B.
Centre des mà dias. Bienvenue sur le site de la 37e Finale des Jeux de l'Acadie à Caraquet, N.-B. Du 29 juin au 3 juillet 2016! Cliquez ici pour vous inscrire comme bà nà voles du COFJA. Cliquez ici pour apprendre des cà rà monies, des compà titions et de l'horaire des finales. Cliquer ici pour consulter l'album photo. If you do not speak french and would like to volunteer, please click here! Cliquer ici pour l'information touristique. Pour nous joindre:
56706. 51e Finale des Jeux du Québec–Montréal 2016
DU 17 AU 25 JUILLET 2016 #JDQ2016. C’est à ton tour! Bienvenue dans notre site! Le maire de Montréal Denis Coderre vous souhaite la bienvenue! Alexandre Bilodeau vous souhaite la bienvenue! Un an avant les Jeux. C’est vendredi dernier, le 17 juillet 2015, que s’est déroulée une journée très chargée pour le Comité organisateur de la Finale des Jeux du Québec Montréal 2016 (COFJQ 2016) et la grande Famille des Jeux! Concours Trouvez-moi un nom! Notre premier grand rassemblement à Montréal! Une Finale des J...
56707. 平成28年度電気関係学会北陸支部連合大会
Darr; Skip to Main Content. お問い合わせは pc(at)2016.jhes.jpまでお願いします。 6月15日 水 7月15日 金. 9月13日 火 ,14日 水.
56708. 閲戣偗鑱屼笟鎶€鏈闄?
鎴戦櫌鍓 懀浜嬮暱銆佸厷濮斿壇涔 缂 嚡鍙傚姞鍗椾含甯傜 鍗佷簲灞婁汉姘戔? 鎴戦櫌涓惧姙2016瀛 勾杈呭 鍛樺煿璁 彮. 鎴戦櫌鍛ㄦ収鎱с 佸紶浼氬垎鍒 綋閫夋柊涓 灞婃睙瀹佸尯鏀垮崗濮斿憳銆佷汉澶р? 鎴戦櫌绉 瀬寮 灞曞瘨鍋囧墠鏍 洯瀹夊叏澶ф 鏌? 鎴戦櫌鍓 懀浜嬮暱銆佸厷濮斿壇涔 缂 嚡鍙傚姞鍗椾含甯傜 鈥? 鎴戦櫌涓惧姙2016瀛 勾杈呭 鍛樺煿璁 彮. 鎴戦櫌鍛ㄦ収鎱с 佸紶浼氬垎鍒 綋閫夋柊涓 灞婃睙瀹佸尯鏀垮崗鈥? 鎴戦櫌绉 瀬寮 灞曞瘨鍋囧墠鏍 洯瀹夊叏澶ф 鏌? 閲戣偗鑱屼笟鎶 鏈 闄 嫑鑱樺叕鍛? 閲戣偗鑱屼笟鎶 鏈 闄 嫑鑱樺叕鍛? 閲戣偗鑱屼笟鎶 鏈 闄 珮姘村钩甯堣祫鎷涜仒鍏 憡. 鍠滄姤锛氭垜闄 壓鏈 璁 笓涓氬 鐢熶綔鍝佸叆閫夊浗闄呰 璁 睍瑙? 鏂板 鏈熸暀瀛 伐浣滃紑绔 壇濂? 淇 伅宸ョ 涓庢暟瀛楄壓鏈 郴涓捐 鈥滆瘹淇? 璁 垜浠 殑浜烘牸闂 厜鈥濆 瑾撲华寮? 淇 壓绯诲渾婊 畬鎴愨 滃钩闈 瑙夛紙PS锛夎 璁 笀鈥濋壌瀹氬伐浣? 鎴戦櫌鏁欏 鍏 紑璇炬毃鏁欏 绔炶禌娲诲姩鍦嗘弧缁撴潫. 銆愬獟浣撻噾鑲 戦噾鑲 亴涓氭妧鏈 闄 鐢熻 涔夊媷涓鸿幏寰楃偣璧?
56709. 吉林工商学院
56710. WordCamp Johannesburg 2016 | 18 – 19 November 2016, BON Hotel Midrand
18 – 19 November 2016, BON Hotel Midrand. To everyone who participated at 2016 Joburg WordCamp. November 20, 2016. 2016 Johannesburg WordCamp has come and gone…. All of this made me feel good – knowing that I’m part of a movement of providing meaningful content that hopefully, benefits the people of this land. Thank you again to everyone that participated in 2016 Johannesburg WordCamp – the organising committee, the volunteers, the speakers and all of the delegates who spent a couple of days with u...
56711. J on the beach
La Térmica, Málaga, Spain. J on the beach. Bringing developers and DevOps together around Big Data. J on the Beach. Data on the Beach. In only 2 days. You will be able to check the pulse of your company's tech capabilities with regards to Big Data. Below are the main topics that will be covered in Data on the beach. A complete conference for developers and DevOps. To learn the latest tendencies in BigData and Analytics. Local Communities. Will host several meetups. Performance in the JVM. How do you mix ...
56712. JS Kongress Munich - The JavaScript conference about Web, Hardware and Games on Nov 28-29 2016
Interview with Carmen Popoviciu. Interview with Elisabeth Engel. A talk on Neural Nets and Machine Learning over a big jar of Skittles by Carmen Popoviciu. GET YOUR TICKET NOW. Take some time to browse through our awesome speakers. Singapore, Republic of Singapore. Snyk - London, UK. Google London, Great Britain. ComSysto - Munich, Germany. Hoodie - Berlin, Germany. Google - Munich, DE. - Hamburg, Germany. Toptal - Barcelona, Spain. Nexmo - San Francisco, USA. Airtime - New York City, USA.
56713. js13kGames - HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kilobytes
HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB. Is a JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 Game Developers. The fun part of the compo is the file size limit set to 13 kilobytes. The competition started at 13:00 CEST, 13th August. And ended at 13:00 CEST, 13th September 2016. Theme for 2016 edition was Glitch. Read Tuts Gamedev intro article. Check out my blog post. And see the Rules. For details, good luck and have fun. The competition is organized by Andrzej Mazur. Hi, I'm Andrzej.
56714. JSChannel Conference - July 15-16th 2016 - Bangalore, India
JULY 15 and 16. Two Days of Learning! 15-16 July 2016, Bangalore. Join us for an opportunity to learn and hear from the best brains in the industry. Opportunity to hear from the stalwarts of the JS Community. A platform to learn, share and connect. Join us to learn and interact with professional JS trainers and experience live-coding sessions. Enjoy sumptuous cuisine prepared by one of the best restaurant in Bengaluru. The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore, Karnataka. Sponsored by Digital Mckinsey and AngelHack.
56715. JSConf.Asia Singapore 2016
5 years of Southeast Asia's largest web developer conference. Thank you for supporting JSConf.Asia. Capitol Theatre at 11 Stamford Rd. Please bring your order confirmation PDF with the QR code and a photo ID 🙏. Electron - A Community Story. Cheng Zhao, Github @zcbenz. I will share how Electron managed to attract users and contributors through the shear power of community, from the early days with just one user to now with a new app everyday. Cheng is working at GitHub developing the Electron framework.
56716. NingJS - JSConf China 2016
56717. JSConf Australia 2016
🎤 1: Justin Falcone The Origin of HyperCard in the Breakdown of the Bicycle for the Mind. 🎤 2: Jess Telford How to build Pokemon Go in your browser. In 100% JS. 🎤 3: Emil Bay Hyperjournal - A tamper-proof publishing system. 🎤 4: Jacob Bass Modularity and Monorepositories. 🎤 5: Jessica Lord Electron: A Tale of Two Processes. 🎤 : Soledad Penadés Real time front-end alchemy, or: capturing, playing, altering and encoding video and audio streams, without servers or plugins! Jessica is an open source dev...
56718. jsDay 2016 | The international Javascript Conference
May 11th-12th 2016 — Verona, Italy. The most used language. The most needed conference. From the organizers of the phpDay. The first international conference on JavaScript in Italy. As Douglas Crockford stated on his blog, JavaScript is The World's Most Misunderstood Programming Language. Not to mention that nowadays javascript is everywhere and it is the most used programming language on Earth. This is the rationale behind the the most needed conference tag line. Out of the browser and onto the streets.
56719. JSDC 2016
10 月 22 - 23 日,強勢登場. Fandora Shop / 毛孩市集.
56720. JSUnconf 2016
Hamburg, 23rd and 24th of April 2016. Here you can find the schedule for the talks and the other time slots. It will always be up-to-date. Party at Kleine Freiheit no 3. Talk A1 Talk B1 Talk C1. Talk A2 Talk B2 Talk C2. Talk A3 Talk B3 Talk C3. Talk A4 Talk B4 Talk C4. Talk A5 Talk B5 Talk C5. Talk A6 Talk B6 Talk C6. Party at Good Old Days Dance Bar. Talk A1 Talk B1 Talk C1. Talk A2 Talk B2 Talk C2. Talk A3 Talk B3 Talk C3. Talk A4 Talk B4 Talk C4. Geomatikum - Universität Hamburg. What makes an Unconf.
56721. 驾校一点通2017科目一模拟考试,科目一模拟考试2017最新版,科目四模拟考试2017最新版
56722. welcome to cktu
56723. WAKO K-1 EUROPEAN CUP 2016
56724. Kalfiefees-Hermanus
Welkom by die Kalfiefees 2016. June 19, 2015. Do you like it? June 19, 2015. Do you like it? June 18, 2015. Gala-aand (openingsaand) met Anna Davel in Jazz Up! Dit is met trots dat ons Kalfiefees 2016 met die bekende en gewilde sangeres, Anna Davel, tydens ‘n luisterryke Kaas-en-Wyn Gala-aand, kan open! Hierdie kunstenaar met die warm, fluweelstem is geen onbekende op Kunstefeeste nie. Met die verskeidenheid van musiek wat sy na die verhoog bring is hierdie ‘n geleentheid om nie te mis nie! June 17, 2015.
56725. Kalkpost – Kunst, Kultur, Wohnen und Ausgehen in Kalk
Kunst, Kultur, Wohnen und Ausgehen in Kalk. Vorschlag für den Kalkberg im Bürgerhaushalt 2016! Altölblase unter dem Kalkberg gefunden! Der Kampf um den Kalkberg geht in die nächste Runde. Zeitungsartikel zu den Hallen Kalk: die Politik entscheidet! 14 Januar 2017 13:00. Winterfest in der Pflanzstelle. Atelier in den Reihen. RAUM – ganz schön kalk. Bürgie - illustration and grafik. Uuml;ber den Kalk Post Blog. Um die Neuigkeiten aus KalkPost zu abonnieren, klicken Sie bitte folgenden Link: Beiträge (RSS).
56726. Недвижимость Калуги 2016 выставка-ярмарка «Калугахаус» 1-2 октября 2016 года в «Торговом квартале»
Калуга, ул. Московская, 338а,. Видео-репортаж с весенней выставки Калугахаус-2016. Фотогалерея весенней выставки Калугахаус-2016. 2013 Выставка Недвижимость Калуги.
56727. WordCamp Kansai 2016
For the future 未来のために 7/9-10 大阪大学豊中キャンパス大阪大学会館. 6月 3, 2016. 6月 6, 2016. WordCamp Kansai 2016 セッション動画 スライドまとめ. 8220;WordCamp Kansai 2016 セッション動画 スライドまとめ”の. クリックして Twitter で共有 (新しいウィンドウで開きます). クリックして Google で共有 (新しいウィンドウで開きます). 8月 17, 2016. 8月 17, 2016. クリックして Twitter で共有 (新しいウィンドウで開きます). クリックして Google で共有 (新しいウィンドウで開きます). 8月 9, 2016. 8月 8, 2016. WordCamp Kansai 2016参加ブログをまとめてご紹介 (随時追記アリ). Wckansai2016 をつけて かいたよー とTwitterにてお知らせしてください. 8220;WordCamp Kansai 2016参加ブログをまとめてご紹介 (随時追記アリ)”の. 7月 21, 2016.
56728. WordCamp Kansas City | June 10-12th
Badges for your Website. WordCamp Kansas City 2016 June 10 – 12. The WordCamp Kansas City organizing team thanks you for joining us at WordCampKC 2016. This was our fifth year and it’s folks like you who keep us excited to keep coming back year after year. We want to be sure WordCamp Kansas City every year reflects what you, our awesome community, want and need. Please take a moment to provide feedback while the whole thing is fresh in your memory so we can keep improving! View the Presentation Slides.
56729. Dødsannonser - Koba Christensen Gruppen
De siste registrerte annonsene:. Det er vanlig å annonsere dødsfall i avisen lokalt når tidspunktet for seremonien er klart. Vi gjør annonsen enkelt tilgjengelig for alle ved å publisere den på våre hjemmesider, dette er kostnadsfritt. Ernst Andreas Berg Knudsen. Ta kontakt med oss på tlf. 55 30 08 00 hvis du ønsker vi skal vise annonsen for en du er glad i. Det er åpent for alle å ha annonsene her. Sotra og Omegn Begravelsesbyrå. Åsane og Omegn Begravelsesbyrå. Sotra og Omegn Begravelsesbyrå.
56730. Kerning Conference - Faenza, Jun 1-3 2016 - BLACK FIRE on WHITE FIRE
BLACK FIRE on WHITE FIRE. International conference on typography. Kerning is the first international conference in Italy dedicated solely to typography and web typography. On June 1st and 2nd (only workshops). And 3rd (conference day). 2016 we will gather in Faenza, in the very heart of Italy. Top notch speakers from the whole world of digital and web typography to create an unique event. Calling all type lovers. Think Write Digitize with Sumner STONE. It's only Illustration (but I like it!
56731. KESW 2016 | International Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web Conference 2016
International Conference on Knowledge Engineering. And Semantic Web, Prague, Czech Republic, Sep 21 - Sep 23, 2016. International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web. September 21 - September 23, 2016. Prague, Czech Republic. 26 September 2016 Videos of Talks. 25 September 2016 Keynote Talk Slides. 21 September 2016 Best Paper Candidates. As last year, all technical sessions (keynotes, paper presentations, posters, etc.) will be held in English. April 15th, 2016. April 22nd, 2016.
56732. Kieler Woche 2016 Veranstaltungen und Berichte
Die kieler woche 2016 vom 18. juni – 26. juni 2016 der musikalische veranstaltungskalender von News & Aktuelles. Künstler A bis Zet. Die Kieler Woche 2016 ist zu Ende –. Doch die Erinnerungen bleiben! Confusion In S. P. As If You Knew Me. Wir bedanken uns bei den Künstlern für tolle Konzerte und schöne Bilder:. Kommt bald mal wieder nach Kiel! Countdown bis zum Anglasen:. Kieler Woche 2016 vom 18. juni 26. juni 2016. Vollständiger Veranstaltungskalender der Archiv: 2011 bis 2016.
56733. Orange County Children’s Book Festival – The largest children's book festival in North America.
YOUNG ADULT & TEEN STAGE. 14th Annual, Sunday Oct. 1, 2017 – 9:30 to 4:30 Orange Coast College Costa Mesa, CA. The Orange County Children’s Book Festival is in its 13th year. There are over 125 authors, more than 25 illustrators, dozens of storytellers and great family-oriented entertainers. The Festival featured over 135 exhibitors, featuring booksellers, education providers, literacy organizations and related vendors. More than 25,000 people attend the Festival each year.
56734. Home - Kimpton Folk Festival
Home - Kimpton Folk Festival. In Kimpton, Herts. July 9, 2016. An exciting new folk festival for Hertfordshire. Join us on 9 July for a very special day in Kimpton. Come and be a part of the UK's newest folk festival, set in the village of Kimpton. In the heart of rural Hertfordshire. Headlined by Nancy Kerr and James Fagan,. Wild Willy Barrett's Loose Connection. The Jacquelyn Hynes Trio. Jimmy Brewer, Kelly Oliver. John Dipper and Dave Malkin. Will McNichol and Luke Selby. There will be a continuous co...
56735. Kizi 2016 games Free Games Online - 2016 games -
56736. 2016
56737. KONA BIKES | 2016 BIKES | BIKES
Hei Hei DL Race. Hei Hei DL Trail. Jake the Snake CR. Hei Hei DL Race. Hei Hei DL Race. Hei Hei DL Trail. Jake the Snake CR. NOT SURE WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR? TRY OUR BIKE FINDER. More from the COG . Watch, read, like, share, and comment on Konaworld’s active social media network:. Register your bike to get free lifetime warranty Register . Sign up to receive regular updates on everything Kona. Sign up . Get in touch with us. Contact Info .
56738. Wykorzystanie potencjału ośrodków innowacji dla rozwoju firm technologicznych - XXVII Konferencja SOOIPP
Ośrodków innowacji dla rozwoju. Serdecznie zapraszamy do udziału w wydarzeniu "Entrepreneurship support reinvented" realizowanym przez Stowarzyszenie Organizatorów Ośrodków Innowacji i Przedsiębiorczości w Polsce (SOOIPP) i Fundację Przedsiębiorczości Technologicznej (FPT). Tegoroczne wydarzenie, które odbędzie się w dniach 17-19 maja 2016 r. w Warszawie będzie składało się z dwóch eventów: XXVII Dorocznej Konferencji SOOIPP Wykorzystanie potencjału ośrodków innowacji i przedsiębiorczości w rozwo...
56739. Добро пожаловать на сайт Всероссийский конкурс юных исследователей окружающей среды | Всероссийский конкурс юных исследователей окружающей среды
Ботаника и экология растений. Зоология и экология беспозвоночных животных. Зоология и экология позвоночных животных. Ландшафтная экология и комплексные исследования экосистем. Экология человека и его здоровье. Юных исследователей окружающей среды. ЮИОС-2016: Краткая итоговая информация. Оргкомитет поздравляет победителей и призёров Конкурса и благодарит всех его участников и их руководителей! Результаты финального этапа конкурса. Опубликованы результаты финального этапа конкурса. Всероссийский конкурс юн...
56740. Die Koogschreiberin 2016
Vorerst reicht westliche Einsicht. In das Fragmentarische der eigenen teildeutschen. Geschichte. Noch besser wäre ein bisschen trans-. Christoph Dieckmann, 2010. Daran denke ich jetzt, hier an der Elbe. Hinter mir: gut erhaltene Höfe und Häuser mit Reetdach und Fachwerk. Und der Wald, durch den ich gekommen bin, die geklinkerte Straße entlang, die fast bis zum Ufer führt; hier öffnet sich das Bild und weitet sich der Blick. Er deutet den Weg entlang. Einer, den Sie kannten? Der Zaun ist längst weg. W...
56741. Kórusok Éjszakája | Hangot a térnek!
2016 06. 04. 1085 Budapest, Horánszky utca 17. 1088 Budapest, Ötpacsirta utca 2. 1088 Budapest, Ötpacsirta utca 2. 1088 Budapest, Reviczky utca 4. 1088 Budapest, Ötpacsirta utca 4. 1088 Budapest, Mikszáth Kálmán tér 2. 1088 Budapest, Szentkirályi utca 28. 1088 Budapest, Szentkirályi utca 28. 1085 Budapest, Horánszky utca 6. 1088 Budapest, Lőrinc pap tér 3. 1085 Budapest, Horánszky utca 25. 1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 14-16. Nemzeti Múzeum, Rotunda. 1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 14-16. Nemzeti Múzeum, Rotunda.
56742. Поступишь ли ты в КПИ?
Узнай свой шанс поступить в КПИ. Свои шансы уже оценили 28010. Результат основывается на данных о вступительной кампании 2015 года, и является приблизительным. Шанс высчитывается для поступления на бюджетные места. Special thanks to Max.
56743. PLNOG - Polish Network Operators Group Meeting
Double Tree by Hilton, ul. Dąbska 5, 31-572 Kraków, 26-27 września 2016. Double Tree by Hilton, ul. Dąbska 5, 31-572 Kraków, 26-27 września 2016. The 17th edition of the PLNOG calls for partners - see our partnership offer and join us as the Main, Platinum or Gold Partner. See the list of speakers and topics of the seventeenth edition of one of the biggest ICT conference: PLNOG! Registration for PLNOG17 is on! Don't waste your time and join the conference in lower price! I want to register. To take part ...
56744. Krakow Photo Fringe 2016
Fotografia w każdej odsłonie: od tradycyjnych wystaw, przez pokazy slajdów, po działania interaktywne. Spotkania z artystami, prezentacje książek, pokazy filmów, warsztaty i performance. Dyskusje, konferencje i konkursy. Wystawy plenerowe, w przestrzeniach galeryjnych i kawiarnianych. Kraków, Myślenice, Nowy Sącz, Tarnów, Wieliczka, Wojnicz, Wygiełzów, Zakliczyn i Zakopane. Tym razem w Wygiełzowie. ASP w Krakowie (. Small Press Photo 2016. I PWSZ w Nowym Sączu (. Kolejny raz mamy zaszczyt również zaprosi...
56745. Hotel Spa w Kazimierzu Dolnym | Król Kazimierz
W MIEJSCU, W KTÓRYM HISTORIĘ WIDAĆ NA KAŻDYM KROKU. Ul Puławska 86,. Karnawał w Hotelu Król Kazimierz. HB - Śniadanie i obiadokolacja. Między 06.01 a 28.02. Wielkanoc w Kazimierzu Dolnym. Między 15.04 a 17.04. Ferie zimowe w Hotelu Król Kazimierz. Między 16.01 a 26.02. KRÓLEWSKA RANDKA - płatki róż i truskawki*. HB - Śniadanie i obiadokolacja. PAKIET WEEKEND 2 dnia. Kazimierz and SPA Magiczny Duet dla Par. BB - Śniadanie w cenie. Harmonia dla Dwojga - romantyczny pobyt SPA. BB - Śniadanie w cenie. Zapras...
56746. :: ICMRI 2016 & KSMRM ::
Today : 2017.01.13. Gwang-Woo Jeong, PhD. Medical School, Korea). Translational Study of Functional MRI and Morpho-volumetry in Psychiatric Disorders. John C. Gore, PhD. Vanderbilt University, USA). Molecular MR Imaging at. Michael H. Lev, MD. Massachusetts General Hospital,. Harvard Medical School, USA). Endovascular Stroke Treatment Outcomes after Patient Selection Based on Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Clinical Criteria. Oral Presentation Schedule and Poster Code. Newsletter 2016.Jan. #1.
56747. KSUM Open 2016
D 237 Today : 2017.01.13. About KSUM Open 2016. KSUM Open 2016 Organizing Committee. Program at a Glance. KSUM Open 2016 E-posters. For Oral and Poster Presentation. 구연 및 전시초록 접수(국문). 사진 제출 안내 (국문). E-Newsletter 9th Edition (Kor). E-Newsletter 9th Edition (Eng). Abstract Submission Due Date : March 28 (Mon), 2016. Abstract Acceptance Notice : April 11 (Mon), 2016. Pre-registration Due Date : April 25 (Mon), 2016. Welcome to the KSUM Open 2016 Website! Chair, Organizing Committee: Joon Koo Han.
56748. Info - Kuhlmann Bauträger
QUALITÄT UND VERTRAUEN – EIN SOLIDES FUNDAMENT. Die Firma Kuhlmann blickt heute auf eine über 50-jährige Tradition als Familienunternehmen zurück. Unsere Kunden wissen, dass wir Wert auf Ehrlichkeit und partnerschaftliches Miteinander legen. Und schätzen uns als bodenständiges Unternehmen, das in der Region fest verwurzelt ist. Mehr als 2.700 erstellte Wohnungen belegen unsere Zuverlässigkeit. Bauen, Verwalten, Vermieten – alles aus einer Hand. Für uns endet der Service nicht nach der Schlüssel...
56749. Døves Kulturdager – Stavanger 2016
PÅMELDING & PRISER. Workshops & Utflukter. PÅMELDING & PRISER. Workshops & Utflukter. 21 23 Oktober 2016. Velkommen til Døves Kulturdager. Informasjon til nordiske medlemmer. Informasjon om hotell reservasjon. Informasjon om billetter og stand. Ta kontakt på Følg oss på Facebook Døves Kulturdager.
56750. Kulturtage St. Birgitta – 7. Kulturtage vom 3. bis 5. Juni 2016
Kulturtage St. Birgitta. 7 Kulturtage vom 3. bis 5. Juni 2016. Blaskapelle St. Korbinian. Mavin & Leesa. Blaskapelle St. Korbinian. Mavin & Leesa. Die 7 Kulturtage der Pfarrei St. Birgitta in Unterhaching waren auch finanziell ein Riesenerfolg! Vom Reinerlös profitieren heuer die gemeinnützigen Initiativen SchlauSchule und Unser täglich Brot e.V. mit jeweils 4.800 Euro. Beim Pfarrfest zur Feier des Patroziniums in St. Birgitta wurden die Schecks überreicht. Großer Erfolg der 7. Kulturtage. Partystimmung ...
56751. Fotoalbums Activiteiten 2016 Kunstkring A.Sauwen
56752. Kunstmesse Kassel
BBK Kassel-Nordhessen e.V. Vom 7 bis zum 9. Oktober 2016 fand die zweite Ausgabe der KUNSTMESSE KASSEL statt. Unter 130 Bewerbern wurden 87 Künstlerinnen und Künstler der Region von einer kompetenten Fach-Jury ausgewählt, die Malerei, Zeichnung, Druckgrafik, Bildhauerei, Fotografie, Installation, Video und Kurzfilme präsentieren. Die Kunstmesse wurde auch dieses Jahr wieder von einem attraktiven Rahmenprogramm begleitet:. Wir freuten uns über Ihren Besuch.
56753. Kuryr
Verze: 4.5.0.
56754. starsky2016
56755. 2016
56756. WordCamp Київ 2016 | Перша офіційна конференція з WordPress в Україні
Перша офіційна конференція з WordPress в Україні. WordCamp Kyiv це перша офіційна Всеукраїнська конференція з WordPress, організована командою та волонтерами WordPress-спільноти України. Ця подія збирає найкращих фахівців і надає змогу поширити свої знання, поділитись досвідом чи просто поспілкуватись з однодумцями. Цього року WordCamp Kyiv це повні 2 дні. Доповідей від відомих інженерів, дизайнерів, менеджерів проектів, та власників бізнесу України. Конференція відбудеться у вихідні 24 та 25 вересня.
56757. WordCamp Los Angeles 2016 | September 10 & 11, 2016
WordCamp Los Angeles 2016. September 10 and 11, 2016. Location and After Party. It’s Been Two Weeks! 8212; WCLAX Survey Time! September 24, 2016. It’s been a full two weeks since WordCamp Los Angeles 2016… crazy, right? I do hope you’ve take bold action and implemented something you learned! Not sure where to start? Here is something you can do. take the post WordCamp Survey. It really helps us for next year. Photobooth Snaps from WordCamp LAX 2016 After Party. September 19, 2016. Posted in After Party.
56758. Livonijas hokeja līga - 2015 - Jaunumi
Izšķirošajā spēlē veiksmīgāki izrādījās LĀČi, kuri ir pirmie ceļojošā kausa ieguvēji. Pēc vairāk kā mēneša ieilguša pārtraukuma uz ledus 9. un 10. aprīlī atgriezās abas finālistes - LĀČI un KOLUMBS. Lai noskaidrotu LHL ceļojošā kausa īpašnieku būs nepieciešama trešā spēle, jo komandas sestdien un svētdien apmainījās panākumiem un šobrīd rezultāts sērijā ir 1:1. 2016 gada Lieldienu turnīrs ir klāt. Fināls tiek pārcelts uz aprīļa mēnesi. Trešajā spēlē LĀČI uzvar VUGD ar 5:1 un iekļūst finālā. Scaron;ī turn...
56759. La Fourmi immo - Convention 2016
Le roman photo de la soirée. Voir la vidéo de la soirée (YouTube). Une heure de retrouvailles, un moment très convivial. Télécharger les photos de l'apéritif (476 Mo). Présenté par David Bézu. Dit "Doerf"), Gundi et Claude Schweyckart. Télécharger les photos du bilan 2015 (325 Mo). David Bézu présente les derniers changements au niveau du staff. Retour) : Service juridique. Arrivé) : Service juridique. Arrivé) : La Fourmi immo Belgique. Télétravail) : Graphiste / Web Designer.
56760. Portada | laFuga - revista de cine
LABERINTOS IMPERFECTOS: NUEVAS SERIES POLICIALES. Fargo y la roca que cargamos. Por Luis Valenzuela Prado. Por Andrea Kottow Keim. The Fall y el espectáculo del crimen. Por Iván de los Ríos Gutiérrez. Retorno al sur profundo. Por Carolina Urrutia N. Top of the lake. Por Iván Pinto Veas. Poscolonialismo, crítica y subalternidad. Por Víctor Silva Echeto. Imágenes de anticipación en La Maleta de Raúl Ruiz. Por Pablo Corro Pemjean. Terror y el monstruo femenino. En conversación con Barbara Creed. Por Iván Pi...
56761. WordCamp Lancaster | March 05, 2016. IU13, Lancaster, PA, USA.
March 05, 2016. IU13, Lancaster, PA, USA. Keynote Panel: Open-Source Everywhere. Second batch of photos! Two of our speakers, Reed Gustow and Joe Casabona, took the time to capture some. Photos of WordCamp Lancaster. An additional speaker, Anthony D. Paul, has a great set of photos as well (added below). They’re all available on Flickr (click on each image to be taken to the album):. This entry was posted in News. March 7, 2016. First batch of photos! This slideshow requires JavaScript. March 6, 2016.
56762. Rückblick 2016 - Landinger Sommer 2016
56763. Philharmonie jeunesse de Montréal – Orchestre symphonique amateur pour les 17 à 77 ans
La Philharmonie jeunesse de Montréal. Philharmonie jeunesse de Montréal. Orchestre symphonique amateur pour 17 à 77 ans. Philharmonie jeunesse de Montréal. Orchestre symphonique amateur pour 17 à 77 ans. Concert de la PJM le 27 Novembre 2016: Liszt, Lalo, Márquez. La Philharmonie Jeunesse de Montréal a le plaisir de vous convier à son concert d’automne 2016. Qui aura lieu le 27 Novembre 2016 à 15h30. Venez découvrir ou redécouvrir les œuvres de Liszt, Lalo et Márquez! Concert de printemps 2016. Billets e...
56764. MITTELPUNKT 2016 – … to boldly go, where no one has gone before …
To boldly go, where no one has gone before . A week in Germany. A week in Germany. Vom 4 bis 6. November 2016 findet der nächste Mittelpunkt statt – die LARP Konferenz für Rollenspieler, Organisatoren, Wissenschaftler und Game-Designer, kurz: für alle, die Live-Action-Roleplay eine besondere Bedeutung beimessen! Auf diesen Seiten findet ihr demnächst alle Informationen, Ideen und Programmpunkte für den Mittelpunkt 2016. Ort der Konferenz wird die Bildungsstätte DJO Poppenhausen. LARP - Mittelpunkt 2016.
56765. Latin American School for Education, Cognitive and Neural Sciences – Argentina 2016
The 7th LASchool will take place on March 2018. Please stay tuned. Proudly powered by WordPress. Theme: Flat 1.7.2 by Themeisle.
56766. The LASER 2016 Workshop
The 2016 LASER Workshop. Human Technology Experimentation Panel. Learning from Authoritative Security Experiment Results. The Learning from Authoritative Security Experiment Results (LASER) workshop series. The 4th LASER workshop will be held as an IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy Workshop (SPW 2016). Co-located with the 37th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy ("Oakland"). The workshop will be held on Thursday, May 26, 2016 in San Jose, CA, USA. 11/3/15 - Call for Papers. NO EXTENSIONS * *.